Michael Lohan Accused Of Assault And Lindsay Gets A Visit

Oh for crying out loud! I’m away from the internet for one day, and a whole bunch of juicy stuff happens. That’ll teach me to go places without my laptop! Never again! Ok, well, maybe not never, but at least not during the week. Ha!

You know, I was trying to give Michael Lohan the benefit of the doubt these days because I think he’s genuinely concerned about his daughter Lindsay Lohan, but it’s looking like he’s back on the douche train again…..Michael Lohan Charged With 2nd Degree Harassment By His Ex-fiancee [Celebrity Dirty Laundry]

Yay for Christina Applegate and her fiancée! It wasn’t too long ago that she was fighting breast cancer, so I’m sure this is extra happy news for her……Christina Applegate is PREGNANT! [Dipped In Cream]

Hasn’t Bret Michaels been through enough? He almost died just a couple of months ago, and now he’s got to deal with being busted for weed? Just doesn’t seem right, does it?…..Bret Michaels’ Tour Buses Busted For Drugs [Gossip Cop]

An extra on Fox’s Bones is suing David Boreanaz for sexual harassment. Guess who her lawyer is. I’ll give you a hint – she likes to wear all red……David Boreanaz Masturbated In Front Of The Extra [Hollywood Rag]

A bunch of people in Russia paid homage to Britney Spears with a Flash Mob. I love Flash Mobs!…..Russian Flash Mob [Poor Britney]

If you think Lindsay Lohan isn’t receiving special treatment in jail, you think wrong…..Samantha Ronson Visits Lindsay Lohan in Jail [Right Celebrity]

Raise your hand if you think Jeremy London’s wife suffered a brain hemorrhage because she’s detoxing and going through brutal withdrawals…..Jeremy London’s Wife Melissa Cunningham Suffers Brain Hemorrhage [Stupid Celebrities]

michael lohan charged with harrassment