Ellen DeGeneres Is Leaving American Idol And I Get To Watch The Man Burn.

I’m leeeving on a jet plane; don’t know when I’ll be back again.

Actually, I’ll be in an RV, but I’m still leaving. Not anytime really soon, mind you. And I know when I’ll be back.

It’s official…..the boyfriend and I are going to Burning Man. Yeehaw!!

I say that with one part genuine excitement and one part trepidation. You see, I’ve never attended Burning Man before; the boyfriend has gone several times, but not for at least seven years. I know I’ll have a great time, but there is a fear of the unknown, and well, that frightens me.

Burning Man 2010: Metropolis
Great cities are organic, spontaneous, heterogeneous, and untidy hubs of social interaction. At Burning Man 2010, we will inspect the daily course of city life and the future prospect of civilization. Prior to the event, we’ll host an ongoing conversation about urban design and its impact on culture and community in the Metropol Blog Series.

If you’ve been to Burning Man, I would love to hear about your experience. Leave your memories in the comments below!

Clearly following my lead, several celebrities have “leaving” in the past few days.

Rachel Uchitel left Celebrity Rehab because she couldn’t handle the truth. But don’t worry, she went back; the drama will continue. [Bitten and Bound]

Anne Rice has left Christianity. She announced it in a prayer on Facebook and sited some very valid reasons – namely, she refuses to be “anti.” [Celebrity Mound]

Ellen DeGeneres is leaving the American Idol judge’s table. Word has it Jennifer Lopez will take her place. Seriously. [Celebrity VIP Lounge]

Foxy Brown left the scene of a brawl earlier today in New York. When a fight broke out in the lobby of an apartment building, Foxy hit and ran. [TMZ]