I Saw Willie Nelson At Ironstone Amphitheatre. LeAnn Rimes Was There Too.

I learned a couple of things about my taste in music this weekend. First, the fact that I saw rapper Too $hort on Saturday and country singers LeAnn Rimes and Willie Nelson on Sunday says a lot about my personality as a whole. Secondly, going the rest of my life without seeing LeAnn Rimes in concert again is just fine by me.

I’ve never been a huge fan of LeAnn, and now I’m thinking I’m no fan at all. Sure, she’s got a great set of pipes and can belt out a tune with the best of them, but her talking voice is incredibly annoying, and well, quite frankly, she’s a homewrecker. And I just can’t get past that. I found myself reading into each of her songs differently than I have before, looking at each one from the point of view of a cheater.

Willie Nelson, on the other hand, is a class act and I will forever be a fan.

Held at Ironstone Vineyard’s Ironstone Amphitheatre in Murphys, CA, the Willie Nelson & Family concert with special guest LeAnn Rimes got underway about 7:00pm. I had never been to the Amphitheatre before and had only heard good things about it. I found those assessments to be accurate – it’s a quaint arena, with a couple dozen rows of folding chairs facing the stage, and ample lawn seating.

We, of course, sat on the lawn. Which, personally, I think was better; we had comfy lawn chairs with plenty of leg room, while those in front paid more money to sit in plastic folding chairs with no real room to move. Making things even sweeter is the fact that we got our tickets for free. We know people; namely, my boyfriend’s uncle who had friends not using their tickets, but people just the same.

I’ve seen Willie Nelson live a time or two before, and he never disappoints. He’s mellow, humble, gracious, and best of all, a naturally talented songwriter and singer.

Side Note: Willie’s well-loved guitar is a Martin N-20 named “Trigger.”

At the age of 77, Willie Nelson still knows how to put on a great show. He sang classics like “Whiskey River,” “On The Road Again,” and “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before,” as well as some newer-ish hits like “Superman,” and “You Don’t Think I’m Funny Anymore;” he showcased the individual talents of his the Willie Nelson family band members with awesome solos by his piano playing sister Bobbie Nelson, his longtime drummer Paul English, and harmonica player Mickey Raphael, and even threw sweaty bandannas into the audience like a rock star.

Clearly, I would see Willie Nelson again were I to have the chance. But if LeAnn Rimes is going to open for him again, I’ll have to make it a point to be late.

Snoop Dogg, by the way, is a big fan of Willie Nelson too. Check out this great video of Snoop and Willie performing “Superman” in (of all places) Amsterdam…..

11 Responses to “I Saw Willie Nelson At Ironstone Amphitheatre. LeAnn Rimes Was There Too.”
  1. jody Says:

    Glad to see someone else who thinks Leann is a has been

  2. Joyce Says:

    Soon the world will reject LeAnn Rimes for her homewrecking ways. People just can’t get pass the fact that she is a homewrecker. She tweets almost 24/7 about her life with Eddie and the lil ones. Most women would not put up with her tweeting about their children for the world to see. Her career has suffered and it’s going to suffer even more. Her new album will not be a success because people just don’t want to listen to someone that has no morals

  3. cbme Says:

    Was the author of this review paid for reviewing music or the person’s life who performed it. Poor job, mam, whoever you are that you should let stories about LeAnn Rimes overshadow the job that she did. Even you said she had a good voice. Do you know anything about music or should you be doing a gossip column?

  4. cbme Says:

    I have another comment. Apparently, you didn’t let the fact that Willie has been married several times and has suffered a few stories in his life, enter into your judgment of his talent. WHY? Maybe because Willie wouldn’t give a d*** what your thoughts were about him and would probably tell you so. When you are judging musical ability, mind your own business when it comes to the performers life. Have always been a Willie fan AND a LeAnn fan. Somebody give me the meaning of the word TWIT!!!!

  5. Racy Says:

    Way to go cbme. I don’t think anybody who is familiar with Willie would have the nerve to run their big mouth and put somebody else down to him. LeAnn should apply the same tactics. I am so happy that this woman has enough goodness about her that she feels perfectly safe to put LeAnn down. Guess her job is as you said, cbme. Guess some went to the concert not to hear the music but to be sure that the world was living up to the standards they have set up for all of us. Judge what LeAnn is there to present, if you must judge, since I doubt anybody cares what you think of them personally.

  6. jane Says:

    Relax everyone knows that Racy and cbme and Leann are the same person she loves to talk back and forth with herself she is nuts go to JUst Jared and see how pathetic she is She has ruined her career all over the obsession she has for a man and she is obsessed I rather enjoyed your reviewThought it was spot on

  7. Hilary Shepherd Says:

    Judgey McJudgerson! That’s awesome!! I just might have to interview them…..

  8. GWEN Says:

    Oh look it’s LEANN RIMES posting under the names of RACY and CBME to make it look like she has support and “fans”. Leann we all know that you are RACY and CBME because you posted some things about EC divorce that only some close to EC and BG would know, not to mention that the posts that you are making as allision j are the very same ones that you left on JJ when you posted as CBME. So you see, things are so bad for Leann that she has to pose as her own fans and is even stalking EC ex-wife as she posts under the name of BG.

    Leann if you knew anything about music you wouldn’t keep allowing your “Romance” to overshadow your “talent”. Why are you constantly tweeting about Brandi’s kids when she asked you not to do that?

    Funny that you would use the word T**** because it’s one of the names that you are constantly calling BG when you tweet to her using the name of allison j.

    What goodness to you have Leann, you have to pretend to be your own fans because your fanbase is just that low. Everyone

    Why are you even shocked, when you showed up on JUST JARED posting under all those different names we told you that your concert wasn’t going to be go very well, hence why you tried to soften the blow by making it look like people support you.

  9. GWEN Says:

    BTW, RACY(aka LEANN Rimes)

    If you don’t care what the author wrote, why then are you even here taking the time and energy to write a post about it?

    People judge you, Leann because you are always doing stupid things. Like tweeting about BG kids when she asked you to stop tweeting about them.

  10. GWEN Says:

    Notice how the icon for CBME and RACY are the same?

    Does that mean that the email address that she enterned for both RACY and CBME is the same? RACY=CBME, who we all know is LEANN.

  11. jane Says:

    congrats Hillary you have proven that racy and cebe are the same person thank you very much appreciate it and your review was right on the mark I’ll be back for sure