Lindsay Lohan And The Inferno Sobriety Clause

Could this be the end of Lindsay Lohan?

As I’m sure you know by now, Lindsay Lohan has once again gotten her pretty little freckled self into a big ol’ heap of trouble.

After word hit that she failed not one, but two, drug tests – allegedly testing positive for cocaine in one and amphetamines in the other – it seemed the only people who came to her defense were the producers behind the movie Inferno. In theory, Lohan will be portraying uber-troubled Deep Throat porn star Linda Lovelace in the Chris Hanley produced biopic.

I say “in theory,” you see, because this latest issue may very well derail Lindsay Lohan’s career. Or at least change things drastically in a non-positive way; especially if she can’t stay away from those dang drugs.

If Lindsay Lohan stays 100% sober during filming, she’s in like Flynn; but if she doesn’t … well let’s just say it’s a safe bet that it would mean the end of our favorite hotmess redhead.

Inferno producer Chris Hanley tells E! News that a “sobriety clause” is being added to Lohan’s contract, in an effort to ensure that she doesn’t become a liability to the production:

“Formally, the terms of the acting services agreement would be such that Lindsay would not violate any obligation she would have to fulfill with the court, with her probation, or with the production insurance…Informally, as far as I am concerned that would include being 100 percent sober, yes. The actual contractual wording would be more legal to include making sure the movie production would not be compromised in any way.”

… Should Lohan be unable to fulfill this aspect of her contract, director Matthew Wilder notes that the show will go on—with or without her:

“Every other part of the prep is going on regardless. It will work out one way or another.”


Side Note: Isn’t it kinda funny that Lindsay has to stay sober to play a woman with a tormented soul who once herself had been arrested for cocaine and amphetamines? [source]

Lindsay Lohan is due to appear in court this coming Friday to face the judge and find out if he’s going to send her to jail for violating her parole. Personally, I’m hoping he throws the book at her. But that’s just me.

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