Charlie Sheen Hospitalized After Found Drunk And Naked In NYC Hotel Room

Oh Charlie, Charlie. Something tells me you’ve screwed yourself. And not in a good way.

Just 8 days shy of completing his probation, Charlie Sheen was allegedly found drunk and naked in his NYC hotel room after the random hooker chick he was with locked herself in the bathroom and called hotel security because Charlie was going crazy and trashing the hotel room.

Charlie Sheen’s rep, of course, is downplaying the incident and blaming it all on “an adverse allergic reaction to some medication.”

Yeah, I’m thinking this isn’t going to go over well with the judge in Aspen.

According to TMZ, when police arrived on the scene they wanted to arrest Charlie Sheen for disorderly conduct but didn’t once he voluntarily agreed to go to the hospital.

We’re now told at 2:07 AM, emergency dispatch received a 911 call for possible intoxication. Charlie was taken to New York Hospital at 2:30 AM. Police sources say Charlie went voluntarily and that Charlie was “intoxicated, irrational” and “emotionally disturbed.”

Charlie is in New York to spend time with Denise and their two kids.

UPDATE: The New York Post is reporting Charlie was drunk and naked in his hotel room at 2 AM when security was called. The Post reports chairs had been thrown around the room and a chandelier was damaged. The report also mentions that Charlie headed back to his hotel room with an unidentified woman and that he flew into a rage after noticing his wallet had gone missing.


charlie sheen hospitilized drunk naked new york hotel
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