Happy Halloween! Have Fun But Don’t Be A Pervy Douche.

I can proudly say that I have caused a man to crash his car.

Granted, he was going 5 miles per hour and really only ran into a curb at the gas station, and I was wearing my black wig so I totally didn’t look like myself, but still – he crashed and it was because of me.

That was Halloween a few years ago. But I think I’ve still got it; I’m not that old.

I guess I’ll find out tomorrow when I hit the town once again in my chic black bob wig. I had the chance to try out my costume last weekend at a costume party and it went over quite well.

What do you think?

I think you think it looks good. And you’re right. I look good. I know. I get it.

You know what else I know?

I know that just because I’m dressed this way one day out of the year doesn’t mean I dress this way all the time, and it certainly doesn’t mean I welcome the stares and cat-calls of licentious men.

But I also know that when dressed in such a way being hit on and whistled at comes with the territory.

Thankfully, I’m able to block it out – with a little help from The Creatures.

So to all the nasty dudes (and dudettes) out there, prowling the streets this Halloween weekend for the drunkest girl in the shortest skirt, I dedicate the following video.