Michael Jackson’s Kids — Unmasked!!

Usually when Michael Jackson’s three children go out in public, their faces are covered. But not in Las Vegas yesterday!

First up: Prince Michael (the first) and Paris; their mother is Michael Jackson’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe. Man, I wonder what’s going through her mind these days. At the time of their births, both Michael and Debbie said the children were conceived “the old fashioned” way. But I’m not convinced. I’m not even convinced that Michael Jackson is their biological father.

prince michael jackson unmasked

prince michael paris jackson unmasked

Next we have Prince Michael II (Blanket), whose biological mother is unknown. I wonder how Blanket feels about balconies these days. Do you think he’s afraid of heights?

blanket jackson unmasked

Wouldn’t it be totally crazy if these kids grew up to be normal and well-rounded people? Uh, right, and Michael Jackson has never had plastic surgery.

The marriage of Michael and Debbie: A Business Arrangement…..

According to court documents, Michael agreed to pay Debbie $900,000 a year in “hush money” as part of their divorce settlement. Debbie also got a Beverly Hills mansion and a lump sum of $4 million.

In July 2006 Debbie sued Michael because he stopped the $900,000 payments. Michael said he stopped the payments because Debbie had breached an agreement they had that she would keep quiet about his private life.

Debbie also accused Michael of developing another pain pill addiction, and even gave the name of a doctor who she claimed wrote the prescription. She said she was concerned for the well-being of her children while under Michael’s care and that she wanted her parental rights back.

When all was said and done, Debbie agreed to relinquish all visitation rights in exchange for the reinstatement of the yearly payments – which were increased to $750,000.

More Michael Jackson facts at TV.com

57 Responses to “Michael Jackson’s Kids — Unmasked!!”
  1. rushelle foster Says:

    hi princemicheal did you get my letter.

  2. rushelle foster Says:

    hi princemicheal wats up

  3. Lena Says:

    Don’t forget that Michael has plenty non-black roots. And there is white ancestors too in Jackson family (from both side, Joe even has gray eyes). And the mother of the kids is white as white can be. Of course they are his

  4. rosa Says:

    i don’t know if they are his kids it is the first time i seen a black man with all white kids they do not look like him at all. sorry but that is my opinion. mj said he had them by artificial insemination so the family may have accepted them as that.

  5. Greg Says:

    Hilary, Can you please find another discussion.

    Leave the dead alone or you still want to make cash out of him?

    We love him & what about your own kids, talk about them if you must talk about kids.

    Thank you.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Now that we get to see the kids unmasked more often you get to see their facial features. The reason why people were so doubtful was because we barely saw the kids faces, the only thing we saw was their skin color. Anyways, they all look like they could be his kids. Prince has vitiligo like his father, he has his eyes and features, he also resembles him. Paris may not look like Michael but she looks like her other aunts, for example, she looks more like Latoya when she was in her teen years the older Paris gets. And Blanket, there is no doubt that he’s his biological son. He looks just like him so much that it’s not even funny. They look like twins, you can see that, there is no way in hell you can be skeptical about him being his son

  7. Jordasche Kingston Says:

    I personally think it’s HILARIOUS how many of you are on this celebrity gossip site talking crap to each other. You’re angry about what others are saying when, if you had a brain in your head, you’d be upset over real issues, like the fact that you can’t spell simple one and two syllable words we learn in first grade. Sed (said), wat (what), cuz (because), jelous (jealous), and my favorite, ure (your). These are just a few, I don’t have all day to note the incompetence as a whole, it’s terribly sad and quite amusing all at the same time. Are you people for real? Re-enroll yourselves back in school stat! I’d suggest just starting over with kindergarten. The incompetence is so severe you should really write a small note to whoever ‘passed’ you and demand an apology, you look so stupid, its messed up!