Heath Ledger Is Dead!!

UPDATE: Heath Ledger has left the building – for the last time. TMZ VIDEO

1. Law enforcement has confirmed to TMZ prescription pills were strewn around Heath Ledger’s bed. The cops are waiting for the Medical Examiner.

2. Law enforcement tells TMZ Ledger’s body was found face down on the bedroom floor. There are no visible signs of any trauma. Law enforcement tells TMZ Heath Ledger’s autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.

3. Cops tell TMZ Heath Ledger’s death was accidental.

4. A highly credible source connected to Heath Ledger tells TMZ the apartment where the actor was found was not owned by Mary-Kate Olsen or related to her in any way. (as was being reported earlier)

5. TMZ has learned Heath Ledger had a substance abuse problem. A Ledger confidante tells us he had been clean for a year.
Contrary to several published reports, we’re told Ledger had not been in rehab.

6. TMZ is live streaming video from outside the Soho building were Heath Ledger was found dead today. Authorities are on the scene — watch as the drama unfolds.

Original Post:

Holy crap! This one came out of right field.

TMZ.com reports:

…Heath Ledger has died in NY.

He was found dead in his bed in one of his residences in Soho by his housekeeper at 3:35 PM ET today. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they believe it was not a crime, adding pills were found near his body.

The 28-year-old actor has a two year old daughter with former fiancee Michelle Williams — they separated in September, 2007…

Full Article: Heath Ledger is Dead – TMZ.com

I will bring you more as the story develops.

I’m shocked. Totally and completely shocked.