Jett Travolta, Son Of John Travolta, Died Today.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s 16-year-old son Jett died today while on vacation in the Bahamas.

It is being reported that Jett Travolta suffered a seizure and fatally injured himself after banging his head in the bathtub. He was taken to the Rand Memorial Hospital on Grand Bahama Island where attempts to revive him were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead.

It’s long been rumored that Jett Travolta was autistic, but John Travolta and Kelly Preston would never admit to it; instead claiming that Jett was afflicted with Kawasaki Disease – a rare illness known to cause heart problems.

Personally I believe that Jett Travolta’s special needs went beyond Kawasaki Disease and well into the Austism spectrum. I have no problem with Jett having special needs, but I do have a problem with his parents denying those special needs because they belong to some freaky-deaky religion (dare I say cult?) that worships an alien and believes vitamins will cure mental illness. A ton of people feel the same way I do – check it out HERE.


jett travolta dies

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One Response to “Jett Travolta, Son Of John Travolta, Died Today.”
  1. Mosey Says:

    What a tragic way to start of the new year for the Travolta family. May their grief lighten with time.

    I’ve not kept up with their beliefs, other than knowing John and Kelly were practicing Scientologists. And I have no idea what all they believe or don’t believe. Regardless, IF Jett did suffer from Autism or any other disease/affliction AND the parents did not do all they can for the child and the child suffers, I believe the parents should be held accountable. Sticky situation, given religion and all, so I don’t know that a resolve can be achieved.

    Jett dying in the Bahamas, as did Daniel Smith, Anna Nicole Smith’s son, makes me wonder the validity or legitimacy of Jett’s upcoming autopsy report. That being said, this is altogether quite a different story.

    I’ve never seen John or Kelly display themselves to be inebriated in any way, as Anna Nicole had done on many, many occasions (as seen on award shows and her own reality show.) I don’t believe the Travoltas are known to be drug users or abusers. If they do, they handle it very well (which Anna Nicole Smith did NOT.)

    The Travoltas were in the Bahamas vacationing, unlike Ms. Smith who moved there to run away from a man who fathered her undborn child.

    The Travoltas don’t seem to have a leech controlling their professional or personal life (i.e. howard k. stern.) So perhaps it isn’t so foolish to be hopeful to arrive at a “just” report of Jett’s autopsy.

    I think of the Travolta family and wish for them strength and courage. Perhaps they’ll come to a point where they can see what they were given (time with a wonderful son) rather than what was taken away.

    Rest in peace, Jett.