Dina Lohan Admits She’s A Gigantic Idiot. Sort Of.

While I really wish Dina Lohan had uttered the words, “I was a delusional enabler,” I’m glad she at least admitted Lindsay Lohan is an addict. At least I think she did. There was a lot of spin talk spewing from mama Lohan’s mouth, so I’m not really sure what she said.

Dina Lohan sat down with Matt Lauer on Monday’s The Today Show to talk about Lindsay’s “life changing” stay at the Betty Ford Clinic.

“It is the most, it’s life changing, the Betty Ford Center, is just an amazing place and I’ve spent two weeks there in family sessions and you’re not necessarily with the person who’s in the facility, you spend time with families of addiction.”

Only time will tell whether or not Lindsay Lohan’s latest rehab stint will stick; I certainly hope it does. And I really hope Dina Lohan learns something from all of this, as she is a huge part of the problem.

Below is the video of Dina Lohan on The Today Show. I think it’s funny that before Matt Lauer sits down with Dina, a reporter does a piece of on Lindsay. It’s like they’re talking behind her back in front of her mother.


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