The Ruby Skye Music And Fashion Event With Martin Solveig And Frenchy Le Freak – Wrap Up

You know, if I didn’t have the ability to laugh at myself, Saturday would have been a pretty horrible night out on the town. Thankfully everything ended nicely, and my head didn’t explode as I feared it might in the beginning of the night. But for a while there, it was looking like my good time was going down the tubes.

Long story short, while we were standing in line to get in, a couple synapses fired in my brain and I realized that I didn’t have my ID with me. Oh my f*cking lord. I am such a flippin’ idiot!!

While I must give props to Ruby Skye for refusing to let me in without an ID – it is the law, after all – I was pretty darn annoyed that I wasn’t granted entrance. After a little negotiation with security about what would happen upon my return, my four guests were let in the club and I was on my way back to Berkeley to get the proof that I’m older than 21.

I made it back in time to catch the end of the show then party the night away. Fortunately the boyfriend caught the show on video (at end of post) so I was able to see what I missed.

All in all it was a fun night. However, next time I go out I’m going to triple check that I have my ID.

The models wore Designs by Lulu for their first trip down the runway – which was a half-circle walkway in front of the DJ booth. The pieces in the Designs by Lulu are fun, flirty dresses with a modern vintage feel. They’d be great to wear to a spring wedding or a fun night out on the town.

Chris Willis Photos LulaMay Robinson in Designs by Lulu
LulaMay Robinson

Chris Willis Photos Sandrin Barney in Designs by Lulu
Sandrin Barney

Chris Willis Photos Tessa Lange in Designs by Lulu
Tessa Lange

For the second round, the models wore pieces by Francisco Castro. These were a little more “elegant” and would work well at an evening event that called for a more subdued look.

Chris Willis Photos Gabrielle Rivera in Francisco Castro
Gabrielle Rivera

Chris Willis Photos Laila Vasquez in Francisco Castro
Laila Vasquez

Chris Willis Photos Laura Lynn Balcerzak in Francisco Castro
Laura Lynn Balcerzak

Photos courtesy of Chris Willis. For more pictures from the show, check out Chris’s Facebook Album: The Ruby Skye Music and Fashion Event. For a look at his complete portfolio, visit