Kelly Osbourne Owes California Mucho Bucks

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but celebrities who don’t pay their taxes really stick in my craw. With all the money they’re swimming in, it makes no sense at all and there’s simply no excuse for it.

Joining the likes of Prince, Method Man, Randy & Evi Quaid – and of course Nicolas Cage – TV personality Kelly Osbourne owes the government a whole lot of money.

Dating back to 2009, Kelly owes the State of California a total of $34,763.30 in unpaid taxes.

One would think paying such an amount would be no problem for someone who is reportedly making $15 million between E!’s Fashion Police, a column deal with Closer magazine, various acting gigs, and her new role as spokesperson and model for Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ clothing line; but apparently writing a check to the IRS is too hard.

Although she did not confirm the reports – nor did she deny them – Kelly Osbourne alluded that all the talk of her owing the tax man is a bunch of bull.

“im getting less & less resilient to all the bulls**t stories i keep reading about myself i do enough stupid s**t no need to make things up! (sic)” [source]

Sorry Kelly, but I’m not buying it; your attempt at surprise does not fool me. Pay up.

kelly osbourne owes california taxes
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