Larry King Doesn’t Know Who Jerry Seinfeld Is.

Monday’s almost over!

Larry King made an ass of himself yet again, this time while interviewing Jerry Seinfeld about his new project, Bee Movie. At a point Larry veered off to discuss Jerry’s old show Seinfeld.

The clip below is hilarious. Here’s what led up to it…

KING: By the way, when your show started, did you know it was going to make it?

SEINFELD: No, no. I thought it would be — it was a show we were doing for people like us, for people we knew who wanted, you know, a certain type of humor. We thought maybe we’ll find a little niche, we’ll survive two or three years and that’s it. That was the — really, our ambition was we’ll hang around a little while.

KING: When did it take off?

SEINFELD: It took off in the fourth year…

KING: The fourth year?

SEINFELD: The fourth year, when Ted Danson quit “Cheers” and they moved us into Thursday, because we were very borderline. At that time, there were maybe 65 shows on TV and we were like 58.

KING: You mean you were almost canceled?

SEINFELD: Oh, yes, every year, almost canceled. And then they moved us to Thursday, which was first — I didn’t understand this, but there’s a comedy audience for NBC on Thursday. And they want to see comedy. They don’t want it on Wednesday.

KING: They don’t want it Wednesday.

SEINFELD: They don’t want it on Wednesday. I couldn’t get this in my head, but this is what they explained to me. And they put us on Thursday. We went from 58 to four in one week. And that was it. And then we — and then we started doing better than “Cheers” and then I don’t know — I don’t know how it happened.