Sara Evans’ Ex-Husband Seeks Equal Custody

According to court papers, country singer Sara Evans’ ex-husband is making a bid for shared custody of their three children, claiming that Sara’s upcoming tour will put the kids in harm’s way.

TMZ reports:

It’s the latest in the ex-couple’s ongoing custody dispute, filed Wednesday in Tennessee — Craig Schelske is gunning for 50/50 custody of their three children … in order to “protect the children from the likelihood of substantial harm” during Sara’s upcoming tour.

According to the papers, Schelske’s been on tour with his country singer ex before — and “has first-hand knowledge that the children are exposed to inappropriate conduct, spend little time with [Sara], and are placed in a party atmosphere with excessive drinking and drug use.”

Schelske adds, in the past Sara has even “encouraged and condoned underage drinking.”

As of now, Sara has full custody of the kids — and she’s scheduled to leave on a brand new tour in less than a month … so he’s trying to move fast. Calls to Sara’s camp weren’t returned.


This nasty custody battle has been going on since 2006, by the way. After a very messy divorce with accusations of infidelity thrown from both sides, the couple’s divorce was finalized on September 28, 2007.

The couple in happier times…..

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