Tori Spelling Crashed Her Car And Candy Sold The House

Two members of the Spelling family made the gossip circuit today; and no, Aaron Spelling has not risen from his grave. Although he still may be rolling it in thanks to that horrendous 90210 remake. Just sayin’.

First up, it looks like Candy Spelling has finally unloaded her Holmby Hills Mega-Mansion. And by finally I mean it’s about friggin’ time – the thing has been on the market for like five years.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Candy Spelling sold the home for far less than the $150 million asking price, but the actual “sold at” price has not been revealed.

We do, however, know who plunked down the obscene amount of money – Petra Ecclestone, the 22-year-old heiress/daughter of Formula One racing billionaire Bernie Ecclestone.

Sitting on five acres, the 57,000 sq. ft. mansion was built in 1990 and comes complete with 14 bedrooms, 27 baths, a beauty salon, several gift-wrapping rooms, a bowling alley, and parking for 100 cars.

candy spelling sells home to petra ecclestone


While Candy was off dancing a little ditty over ditching her gigantic abode once and for all, her daughter Tori was busy crashing into school walls and going berserk on the paparazzi.

Ok, it wasn’t quite that dramatic; but considering Tori Spelling is very pregnant, it very easily could have turned into a very big deal.

Here’s what we know…..

Tori Spelling got into a car accident outside of her kid’s school and then tweeted about it, blaming the whole thing on being followed by aggressive and overzealous photographers.

“Paparazzi chased me w/the kids 2school. I was trying to get away from him and had a pretty big accident … 10 school moms chased him away. Wht will it take? Someone dying for paparazzi to stop? Going to dr now to check on baby. I think its just shock.”

In her defense, a friend of Tori Spelling told People magazine the actress was simply trying to get away from the guy.

“The photographer followed her into the driveway of the school. She pulled into the driveway and tried to get away from him. She reversed to leave and then hit the wall. She had minor damage to her car, and there’s minor damage to the wall at the school.”

tori spelling car crash wall damage
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