Hanson Performs At The Regency Ballroom Tonight In San Francisco. And I’ll Be There.

So, first a crazy random air-raid siren went off near my house this morning, and now I’m writing a post about the musical trio, Hanson. AND I’m going to see them in concert this evening.

I do believe this could be a sign of the end…..

While I’m the first to admit that I am not a fan of the brothers (I don’t necessarily dislike them either, however – I was just “beyond” them in age when they hit the scene), I do enjoy live music and they’re not all that bad to look at, so what the heck. I know I’ll have a good time, but I could very easily stay home and watch Big Brother.

That being said, the person I’m going with will be a delight to be around, as she adores the band and has seen them in concert several times. It’s always fun to attend a concert with someone who is super-excited about seeing a band they’ve loved for so long (she was about 7-years-old when Mmmbop came out in 1996).

It’s been 15 years since Hanson won over the hearts of little girls everywhere. Although they’ve grown into mature (and quite fertile) young men who have found wives and settled down, they have never stopped making music.

hanson regency ballroom san francisco
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Their most recent album, ‘Shout It Out’ was released in 2010…..

HANSON’s fifth studio album, Shout It Out, is a collection of finely crafted, R&B-flavored pop, an homage to the music that inspired HANSON when they started out in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma – 60’s soul and 70’s songwriters. The album produced and written exclusively by the band is augmented with special guests: Funk Brothers bassist Bob Babbitt, who played on some of Motown’s greatest hits, and horn arranger Jerry Hey, who worked with Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Earth, Wind and Fire, and many more. [source]


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