Tweaker Jane

Lust is weakened blood surging through her veins.
She’ll drive it to the brink until it finally shoots her down.
Jane is consumed by her lust.
She’s gonna die one day, and she knows it.
Her weak veins bubble as she watches Joe-Joe fill the needle.
He clicks his nails on the plastic tube and her eardrums quiver.
The deadly liquid swims through her body,
as madness swims through her mind.
Jane’s lust leaves her, subdued by the poison.
“Melt into me,” the couch whispers, “feel my fibers with yours.”
Jane’s heart beats a message her brain will never get,
“Hold me. Love me. Save me.”
But it’s too late, the silent shout of the end is all her brain can hear.
Now she is floating, reaching towards the white solitude of the ceiling.
She bobs through steryl air and hears a little voice say,
“Now look where it’s taken you.”
Jane tries to yell back but she can only taste more poison.
Someone is trying to wake her with another stab
to the crease in her arm.
They slap her arm and she can taste the poison splash
against the back of her throat.
“Sweet,” she thinks.
Sweet like mother’s milk.
“Take me home,” Jane whispers, “take me home.”
Back to my blood.