The Queen Is Coming Out. And Getting Married!

Queen Latifah, that is.

Rumor has it that Queen Latifah and her (rumored) girlfriend of nearly four years, Jeanette Jenkins, will soon be tying the knot. is just one of the sites claiming ownership of the story: “…We can tell you that we’re 100% sure on this one. And we can also tell you that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE in the media (no magazines, no bloggers, no TV stations, no radio personalities – NO ONE) else is reporting this story right now.”

But the New York Post also wants in on the action, posting a blind item on Monday that asked: “WHICH big Hollywood actress is about to come out of the closet? She’s been living with her girlfriend in a small town, where all the neighbors know, and the two are now engaged to be married.” [Everyone Wants in on Latifah Wedding – E! Online]

If it’s true, I say congrats! to both. They make a beautiful couple.

queen latifah jeanette jenkins

All about the Queen and her lady…
Jeanette Jenkins – The Hollywood Trainer

Fun Living Single fact:
While the series is sometimes referred to as a “Black version of Friends“, it is worth noting that Living Single premiered a full season before Friends by the same studio under the same studio president, Tony Jonas.

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