Faith Hill At Country Music Awards – Sore Loser or Bad Joker?

Faith Hill says that her mouthing “WHAT?” at the camera backstage when Carrie Underwood won Female Vocalist of the Year at last night’s Country Music Association Awards, was all a joke.

Her manager, Gary Borman, supported her claim: “I’ve worked with Faith for many years now and the idea that she would ever insult or undermine another artist, let alone another human being’s success is absolutely preposterous. Those who know her know that she’s incapable of such actions …… She was being playful while the nominations were being read and playful after.” He said in a statement.

Carrie Underwood also didn’t take it seriously, according to her publicist, Jessie Schmidt, who said that Faith Hill spoke to Underwood after the show and that the two were fine.

I’ve watched the above clip a bunch of times, and it looks like Faith Hill threw her hands up before she said “WHAT?” so maybe it was a joke. Plus she leaves the camera’s view pretty quickly, with what looks like a small smile on her face. It’s quick, but it’s there. The real question isn’t whether it was a joke or not. The real question is why would someone play such a ‘joke’? It’s not a very funny one.

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