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My dear friend Nora is a bit of a hero. She is full of passion and compassion, determination and drive, spirit and soul. She does things that most of us probably could, and would, never do ourselves. She is in love with a great guy and they have an awesome daughter. Which makes sense since Nora totally kicks ass.

And now, you too can get to know this wonderful human. View her photos and read her blogs as she travels through war-torn Palestine.

Twice a year, this dynamic radio producer of KPFA’s Flashpoints (a daily investigative newsmagazine) travels to the occupied West Bank to the Ibdaa Cultural Center to work with a group of students in radio production and media arts.

Be sure to read every page of Nora in Palestine.

nora in palestine

A little bit about KPFA’s history and mission:

Founded in 1949 by Lewis Hill, a pacifist, poet, and journalist, KPFA was the first community supported radio station in the USA. KPFA broadcasts on 94.1 FM and KPFB 89.3 FM, Berkeley, and KFCF 88.1 FM, Fresno, California. Our signal reaches one third of the state, utilizing 59,000 watts.

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