Motivational Words From Jewel Diamond Taylor

Below is a Motivation Note from Motivational Speaker and Author, Jewel Diamond Taylor. I have no idea who gave it to me.

The message really hit home for me, and I think it needs to be shared and passed on. Especially to Britney Spears, whose recent behavior is obviously an attempt to repel and push away those close to her. And yes, it’s motivating.

Motivational Speaker and Author, Jewel Diamond Taylor

You don’t need anyone’s help to be
a failure in life. You can do that all
by yourself. But you cannot be a success
in life without the help of others.
One of the greatest lessons I’ve
learned about success is to remain teachable.
Ego, pride, resistance, procrastination and
fear are destroyers of success. If I seek
praise more than I seek growth, than I’m
out of balance. I’ve learned from the input
and insights of others. I’ve learned that
a diamond is dull without some polishing.
I’ve learned that the rose bush has
to be pruned in order to grow more beautiful
roses. The pruning may not feel good but the
gardener knows it must be done or the rose
bush never realizes its potential.
Insecurity, ego, pride and a closed mind
are weeds in your garden of success. You will
grow as you welcome the strengths, wisdom,
support, mentoring, feedback, pruning and
polishing from others.

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