Paris Hilton Lies To Larry King.

I took some notes last night as I watched Paris Hilton spew forth verbal crap on Larry King Live.

*voice is deeper – her real voice – not her high-pitched “dumb” voice

*not wearing a lot of makeup, very natural looking

*simple hair and clothing

*fake eyelashes are annoying

*says she only lost a couple of pounds

*says all the “girls” there were really nice

*admits to having a high voice when she’s nervous or shy, and says she doesn’t like it

*says she doesn’t get angry, is easy to get along with, and is a very loyal friend

*says she’s been on medication for ADD since she was a child and has never taken any other kind of drug

*Says she likes to go out and dance and be social but is a business woman

*Being stripped searched was the most humiliating experience of her life

Paris tried her best to sound grown up and be taken seriously. But I don’t think it worked. She still sounded like an idiot — not even getting cliches correct (like when she said her crime didn’t fit her punishment, instead of her punishment didn’t fit her crime). It was obvious to me that keeping her voice in a “normal” tone was a struggle for her – being a dumb blonde must be a hard habit to break.

She claimed she didn’t understand why people followed her everywhere constantly taking pictures. Um….could it be because you presented yourself to the world on a skank platter and through your actions, begged for people to look at you? You can’t attract the attention on purpose just to turn around and ask to be left alone. Celebrity in America doesn’t work that way.

Here’s proof that Paris lied about never doing drugs: The Superficial

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One Response to “Paris Hilton Lies To Larry King.”
  1. Mo Says:

    Yes, Miss Hilary, Paris is a liar. Not only that, I think she is a farce. All the hoo-haa about having a platform to provide to those in need, such as women who get out of prison with nowhere to go. (But I believe the only platform Paris knows are shoes.)

    So the first thing she does when she gets out? Get hair extensions.

    The next day, that—yawn–interview with Larry King.

    The following day, a flight to Hawaii.

    Seems to me, she’s shown serious signs of being true to her word about providing and giving back to society (please note the sarcasm). Only time will tell, but I won’t hold my breath.

    If she doesn’t want any attention, I have two words of advice, which even a three year old would understand: Stay home. Or “Go away” if that’s too hard for her.