Lindsay Lohan Needs To Be Cured – Play The Cure Lohan Game

Good Morning! Not quite ready to get to work? Neither am I!

Today’s game is brought to you by Daily Free Games, and stars Lindsay Lohan. Poor Lindsay, she really needs to be cured!

Game on!

Lindsay Lohan has been very naughty and doesn’t have any intension of changing her ways. She needs to be shot…..with a syringe. But beware, give Lindsay the wrong shot and she’ll mutate.

There are five levels you must pass to cure Lindsay Lohan completely. Each level is more difficult than the one before it.

Mouse: controls direction
Space bar: hide/menu
C, X, Z: refill ammo

Fun facts about the syringe:

The predecessor to today’s syringe was invented by Iraqi/Egyptian surgeon, Ammar ibn ‘Ali al-Mawsili’ in the 9th century. It was a hollow glass tube and suction he used to remove cataracts from patients’ eyes, a practice that remained in use up until at least the 13th century and which came into renewed use in the 20th century.

The manufacturer of Fruit Gusher candy uses syringes to fill the candies with the stuff that gushes.

Forms of intravenous injection and infusion via syringe began in 1760.

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