Anna Nicole. Learning More Every Day.

Search warrants were served at several offices belonging to several doctors involved with Anna Nicole Smith and the several drugs she was consuming.

…authorities raided six locations, including the offices and residences of two of Smith’s former doctors…E! Online

If you thought this drama was over, or at least fading away, you were wrong. There are things moving and shaking all over the place, the general public just isn’t privy to it.

But fear not, my gossip hounds, soon it will all be out there. And you will be shocked. The truth will come out. It always does. We just have to be patient.

Anna Nicole Smith idolized Marilyn Monroe in part for her beauty, but also for the legacy surrounding her death, and always thought that she too would die young. Although I bet she never thought there would be so much tragedy involved and so much drama after.

Unless of course Anna Nicole was smarter, and a better actress, than she ever got credit for. Maybe this mess since her death was her idea the whole time; something she formulated to cement herself in Hollywood History.

Or, it’s simply as tragic as it looks on the surface, and just another sad chapter in the life of celebrity.

Whatever the force is that is causing the Anna Nicole Saga, I hope it has a enough strength to bring down those in need of being exposed as the snakes they are.

We’ll just have to wait and see, and have faith that new things are learned every day.

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4 Responses to “Anna Nicole. Learning More Every Day.”
  1. Mighty Mo Says:

    So Dr. Death (Eroshevich) and side kick Kapoor got served. It’s about damn time!!! I just wonder how much evidence and info they each got rid off since the passing of both Daniel and Anna? I don’t trust those two. For Dr. Death to be a licensed “psychiatrist” is an absolute insult to the profession. Kapoor, I have no idea what he’s about. Was he in it for fame?

    Listen folks, it ain’t over. FAR from it. However, the Inquest into the death of Daniel is the first step in holding those responsible and accountable. The outcome of the Inquest may have an effect of reopening the case in Florida, for the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Lord God Almighty, please let justice and truth prevail.

    Two people are dead. Enough go unknown and unseen. This, being celebrity related, is in the limelight. Has been for over a year now. It is my hope the perpetrators be held responsible, accountable and reap the consequences of their actions.

    GO VIRGIE!!!

  2. JCW Says:

    “Unless of course Anna Nicole was smarter, and a better actress, than she ever got credit for.”

    Uh…. No. Tragedy of her death aside, I don’t think anybody could claim the woman had any talent as an actress. Smarter than people thought? Perhaps. But a “better actress than she got credit for”? No.

  3. Hilary Shepherd Says:

    Never say never, JCW. Only time will reveal the real story.

  4. JCW Says:

    Whatever the real story is, it will never shed a new light on Anna that makes her appear to have been a good actress. She had looks, she had wiles, she had more than her share of good fortune, but she did NOT have much in the way of talent. 98% of all her film work was direct to video – what’s that tell ‘ya?