Pamela Anderson Married Rick Salomon Instead Of Paying Him $250,000

How far would you go to settle a bet? Pamela Anderson will go all the way down the aisle. Top that!

Rick, being the gentleman, said he would wipe my debt if I gave him a kiss, so I have to thank Vegas for our relationship switching gears! … It evolved into spending every day — and then nights — together.

Wow, it really doesn’t take much for Pamela Anderson to submit to a man’s advances, does it? Isn’t a kiss to settle a bet one of the oldest tricks in the book? I think someone tried to pull that one me in high school.

Pam also claims that she’s having the time of her life. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that’s the same thing she said when she was with Kid Rock – and Tommy Lee.

I am finally fulfilled in my life in every area … I’m having the best time in my life. [OK! Magazine]

Did you know that Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon have been friends for 17 years? Neither did I.

Pam Anderson And Rick Salomon Are Married.

pam anderson married rick salomon on a bet

One Response to “Pamela Anderson Married Rick Salomon Instead Of Paying Him $250,000”
  1. JCW Says:

    I must confess…. I never really got the appeal of Pam Anderson. I mean, sure – she has big implants and ran on the beach in slow motion a lot – but she’s not particularly beautiful or talented.

    I will say however, that I believe she has met exactly the right man to be her husband-of-the-moment. Between the two of them, there isn’t a new STD that either one can introduce to the other, and that’s a blessing. Unless, of course, they manage to cultivate a new super breed of Herpes from the strains they undoubtably carry.

    Sad – she’s rather personable in interviews, and one could actually like her if she stopped acting like an over age and grade skank.

    Side note: Girl is looking haggard as hell. Remember kids – use your sunscreen and stay away from Tommy Lee.