Britney Spears Is A Bad Student (Among Other Things).

Today was the first day of school for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, who were ordered to take parenting classes as a part of their custody (dis)agreement.

If Britney’s notes from the class are any indication of what she thinks of this whole thing, the former teen idol won’t even notice when she really loses her kids for real, for real. As in, never going to see them again, lose them. As in, Kevin Federline is the better parent so he’s going to raise them, lose them.

…Britney spent some time doodling flowers and practicing her signature. The few notes that may or may not have to do about parenting say:

* Preschool
* More together time
* Christmas shopping
* Nails

Sounds like Britney is taking parenting classes about as seriously as she took the VMAs.

Call me crazy, but I think this girl has some serious mental problems. And not the kind like everyone else, I mean the kind of mental problems that cause serious issues in ones life; the kind of mental problems that cause you to put yourself and your children in danger. I will not at all be surprised when Britney’s children are taken away from her.

It’s sad, because above all else, she’s a young mother who needs some real help. But that help will never come if Britney herself is not open to it.

Ahhhhh…..remember when…

britney spears enrolls in parenting classes

Image Source: Radio Kills