Kate Gosselin Hates Her New $7,000 Hairdo

Oh boo-hoo Kate Gosselin! I feel really sorry for you. And by really I mean not at all!!

You get $7,000 worth of hair extensions for free and now you have the balls to complain about how you look?

Sure, you don’t look perfect – but no one really does when they have a drastically new hairdo – it takes time to get used to the new look. And sure, your 9-year-old twins shrieked with fright and laughed at you until you cried when they first saw your new hair. But trust me lady, it looks a hell of a lot better than your old haircut.

A source close to Kate Gosselin, 34, says of the newly single mom of eight, “She thinks her hair looks over-processed and damaged. She’s afraid people will think she’s one of Tiger Woods’ bimbos!”

Ha! Ha! Ha! That’s friggin’ hilarious!! Get over yourself Kate; NO ONE is going to EVER mistake you for one of Tiger’s mistresses. Never, ever.

A stylist visited Kate Gosselin at her Pennsylvania home on January 8th to teach her how to take care of her new mane, so hopefully the awkward stage won’t last too long. One insider says, “Kate has been trying different things, from headbands to ponytails to a Farrah Fawcett–style ‘do. She’s just not sure what she wants.”

I swear, if Kate Gosselin does some crazy Farrah Fawcett red bathing suit photo shoot, I’m going to slit my wrists. But not too deep, ‘cause that would really hurt – just enough to make my point.

kate gosselin hates new hair