Jamie Lynn Spears Hates Her Pregnant Body.

I’m not sure if I believe this one (it comes from Star magazine), but stranger things have happened in the Spears family, so you never know.

There’s talk going around that Jamie Lynn Spears is trying to hide her baby bump by tightly wrapping ace bandages around her belly. She’s doing this, people are saying, because she’s having major issues with her changing body.

…Star magazine reports the 16-year-old is in complete denial about the changes to her body and is doing all she can to conceal the evidence.

“Jamie Lynn has been wrapping two-inch-wide Ace bandages tightly around her stomach to hide her bump,” an insider told Star.
That’s a result of what another source called Jamie Lynn’s “severe body-image issues” brought on by her sudden change from “cute little TV star” to pregnant teen. “Now she sees herself ballooning — and she can’t handle it.” msnbc Tidbits – Jamie Lynn Spears in baby bump denial

Maybe it is true. I know that when I saw a picture of her with the alleged baby’s daddy, I wondered why she didn’t look more pregnant.

It just dawned on me that Jamie Lynn is like those girls you hear about who hide their pregnancies, then give birth in their bedroom closet and dump the newborn somewhere. The only difference here is that the world knows Jamie Lynn is pregnant.

jamie lynn spears baby bump

Image Source: JustJared.com


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