WINGMEN. Every Weekend’s Must Have.

“A man walking around with a hand in his pocket feels cocky all day.”

It’s Friday night,
And the mood is right.
Gonna have some fun,
Show you how it’s done.
(I sure hope I’m not the only one who knows where that came from.)

It’s now officially the weekend – time to party! Thousands of people are getting all dolled up and ready to hit the town.

Girls, remember when you’re out there this weekend that for every cute girl, there are at least two idiot boys ready to hit on them. And boys, remember that no matter how cool you think you are or how slick you think your lines are, the girls have seen it all and have heard it all before.

Case in point, the video below. WINGMEN is from the crazy mind of Matt Duffett and is a very hot item over at; it’s one of the most popular and highest rated videos on the site. You can vote for it too – so do it! Consider it practice for November.

I personally think the short is hilarious and worthy of out-loud laughter. But then again, I think Matt himself is pretty darn funny (he’s the guy in the blue shirt, playing Jordan). His friend in the video, the guy in the t-shirt and blazer (playing Scottie) is Miles Fisher, who can be seen in the upcoming Superhero Movie (starting March 28th). He portrays the crazy Tom Cruise – you know, the Tom Cruise who made the crazy Scientology video. See the trailer with Miles HERE.

The producer of WINGMEN, Mark E. Lee, is a film maker in his own right, and received an excellent review in the Hollywood Reporter for his Sundance film, Half-Life.

But let’s get back to the talented Matt Duffett…

Within six months of moving to Los Angeles, Matt sold his first screenplay (think Animal House meets Road Trip), which is scheduled to start filming this summer.

He was recently on Chelsea Lately (a funny little show on E!) and is currently looking at several feature comedy roles as well as various projects with which to make his feature directorial debut. In his spare time, Matt works on figuring out the recipe for the secret sauce at In-N-Out; which as we all know is top secret and therefore must be exposed.

Oh, and Judd Apatow, if you’re reading this, Matt Duffett would give anything to work with you. Anything.

And now ladies and gentlemen, I give you WINGMEN…..

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