The Best Super Bowl Ads & Superbowl Halftime Shows

The Super Bowl is tomorrow and I’m actually kinda excited. I’m hoping to watch the commercials – uh, I mean game – on my boyfriend’s gigantic TV, but I think he’s mad at me so it may not happen.

But no matter where I am I’ll tune into Super Bowl XLIII and the various Super Bowl commercials that cost 3 million dollars for 30 seconds. When you see that on paper it seems like Super Bowl ads are a waste of money. But considering how many people watch the Super Bowl the expensive commercials make total sense – just think of all the new customers they’ll gain.

Over the years there have been some pretty stupid Super Bowl ads, but there have been some cute and clever ones too. I tend to find the beer commercials more enjoyable than the others; some of my favorites are the Budweiser and Bud Light Super Bowl commercials.

The first Budweiser Super Bowl commercial I have a clear recollection of is the Budweiser Frogs. Remember them?

Animals seem to be a running theme in Bud Light and Budweiser Super Bowl commercials –frogs, dogs, horses.

We can’t forget about the beer commercials with juvenile humor; those seem to be the funniest There’s one thing funnier than watching someone fall – watching a guy get bashed in the nuts. Sorry guys, but it’s true.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Budweiser does with their Super Bowl commercials this year for Super Bowl XLIII. Check back tomorrow for my review of this year’s Super Bowl commercials.