Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is STILL A Whiny Whiner on ABC’s The View

So…..much to my disgust Elisabeth Hasselbeck is still on The View and, of course, she’s still whining.

A few months back Elisabeth Hasselbeck was whining about not being able to “win” any of the discussions about the election. This time she’s comparing hunting wolves to aborting babies. Yes, seriously.

The ladies of ABC’s The View were discussing Ashley Judd’s new Public Service Announcement in which she slams Sarah Palin for supporting the hunting of wolves in Alaska. Elisabeth Hasselbeck chimed in by pointing out that killing wolves is part of a predator control program meant to help keep the caribou population up. Ok, I suppose I can swallow that argument.

But then the whiny whiner Elisabeth Hasselbeck stepped over the crazy line when she asked if Ashley Judd also defends the hundreds of thousands of babies “killed in abortions” every year.

That’s right – she went from wolf killing to abortions. Uh yeah, I don’t really see the connection. But maybe that’s just me.

But then Elisabeth goes off the crazy deep end when fellow co-host Joy Behar asks her to stay on topic. It was as if Joy asked Elisabeth to cut of her own foot – she said she would talk about whatever the hell she wanted to talk about, and demanded to know if she was at “the Socialist table.”

You have to see it to really appreciate it…..