Octomom Nadya Suleman Prefers Jacuzzi Over Child Safety

Holy Crap. The Octomom Drama just keeps getting better and better. How much you wanna bet this storyline will show up on a Soap Opera or an episode of Law & Order pretty soon; of course, on Law & Order one of the babies would have to die.

Here’s the latest from [Usmagazine.com]:

Lawyer Gloria Allred slammed Octo Mom Nadya Suleman for treating her preemie babies “as props” during a Wednesday afternoon press conference.

Allred represents Angels in Waiting, which had provided free nursing care for Suleman’s 14 children until she fired them earlier this week for allegedly spying on her and reporting her to child welfare officials.

Allred said Suleman “violated agreements in the best interests of the children” by announcing when the babies would be released — causing a media frenzy — and then by allowing video crew to feed and hold the babies.

Suleman “always had an excuse” why she couldn’t feed her babies, Allred continued, saying that she only spent eight hours in the nursery, and one went “days without being bathed.” (Earlier on the Today Show, Allred claimed Suleman only cares about her babies “when the cameras are rolling.”)

Oftentimes, “Nadya would come back from shopping and not even visit the nursery,” Allred went on.

Allred e-mailed her concerns to Dr. Phil McGraw Sunday morning. Shortly after, she received a letter from Suleman’s attorney terminating Angels in Waiting’s service.

Also during the press conference: Allred alleged that Suleman’s home was not secure enough to keep trespassers away. Octo Mom said she couldn’t afford security, but Angels in Waiting president Linda Conforti-West said she was paying to install a jacuzzi tub and expensive dishwasher.

Another nurse with the charity, Jackie Peebles, said the nursing staff Suleman hired to replace Angels in Waiting had language barriers, three tested positive for Tuberculosis and others had “terrible coughs.”

Peebles added: “The lack of parenting skills was evident.”

In a statement released to Usmagazine.com, Allred said Suleman created a “dangerous environment.”

“Nadya has decided to have Kaiser Permanente [Hospital] care for her babies. In other words, she has apparently made a conscious decision to put the burden of her babies care on the tax payers, since her lawyer Jeff has conceded publicly that Kaiser nurses will most likely have to bill [Medicare],” Allred’s statement continued. Angels in Waiting worked on a donation-basis.

“We wish the best for Nadya and these babies and their six siblings, but we can now only pray to God, that Nadya’s poor choices, money making schemes, and improper priorities will not result in irreparable harm to any or all of her children in the future,” Allred’s statement added.

Story developing…

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5 Responses to “Octomom Nadya Suleman Prefers Jacuzzi Over Child Safety”
  1. AngieC Says:

    Gloria Allred appears to be the ONLY one who really cares about this absolutely appalling and disgusting situation!!!! I do not understand why it has been allowed to go on so long!! PLEASE Gloria—do whatever you can to help this terrible circus to end and get that Suleman idiot some real help! There needs to be a total media blackout on this situation and all
    financial ‘opportunities’, as Suleman calls them need to end right now—-clearly this is nothing more than a money spinner for her! What about the devastating effect this is having on the original 6 unfortunate children?? Can no one anywhere take out legit legal action and end it for once and all??

  2. lisa Says:

    She states on radar on line that the jacuzzi was ‘donated by friends’…ya…and that securtiy was going to be donated by friends. WHO keeps ‘donating’ this stuff? She is rolling in money now but I think she is hiding it somehow so she won’t have to put out on medical bills, etc, and is saying ‘donated’.

    I thought all donations were to benefit the children. How can they benefit from the shopping sprees for herself and the jacuzzi(except to drowin in it?).

    With all the money she has for all this stuff and hiring the Nannies, I think 9 per day..do you think the people who ‘donated’ the time and materials to redo that house, including ‘marble’ feel like they have egg on their faces?

    Look at her..not the least bit tired looking from looking after children. Why? She does not. This is worked out just like she planned it. It should stop.

  3. Allison Says:

    Why is the press swarming her yard and driveway (supposedly causing security issues)?

    Are they allowed on private property? Did Suleman give them permission to stay in her yard and fill up her driveway? Break down her garage door?

    It looks like her new neighbors don’t have trouble keeping the press off of their properties… if she allowed the press in her yard she’s a bigger attention whore than I previously thought.

  4. Sol8air Says:

    The CPS (child protection services) people said over a month ago that they could not begin any investigation until “someone” actually filed a complaint, and at that time no one had done so. Perhaps NOW that a complaint has been formally filed, something will be done.

    I only agree w Dr Phil to the extent that we should not punish the babies for being born. I do NOT agree that we have to indulge this wacko mom in order to do that (by giving her free nannies and donated supplies and OMG actual money!). The way to do it is to remove these poor babies from this nut job to protect them from HER. All 14 of these children need to be permanently removed from that home and adopted out to REAL parents who are capable of providing proper homes for them. And after that Nadya should be STERILIZED to prevent this happening ever again!

  5. Cheryl Says:

    I don’t trust Allred at all. From day one she wanted those kids taken away. I bet she has a some rich, childless people in Hollywood waiting to adopt them. How much money would she make being the adoption attorney for eight babies?