‘A Chance To Say Yes’ By Tina Murray – A Review

The truth shall set you free. Or destroy your life and ruin you forever. It’s a thin line, really – one that Tina Murray expertly walks again and again in her novel A Chance to Say Yes.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with so many secrets and twists; it certainly kept me on my toes. It seemed that for every secret revealed there were two more hiding in the wings; each secret bigger than the one before but not as big as the next one yet to come.

The book has a great soap opera feel to it, which I surprisingly found quite entertaining. I say surprisingly because even though I’m obsessed with Hollywood gossip, I’m not exactly enthralled by actual “drama.” The characters and story-lines in A Chance to Say Yes reminded me a lot of my high school days – with the caddy fights, the talking behind backs, the betrayal of friends, and of course everyone sleeping with everyone.

A Chance to Say Yes is definitely a great ride, with twists and turns galore. It almost made me dizzy. Almost.

Another wonderful thing about the book is that author Tina Murray writes it in such a way that you can literally see the scenes; don’t be surprised if you start “casting” the A Chance to Say Yes movie in your head. I did it throughout the whole book!

Heston Demming should be played by Brad Pitt
Poppy Talbot should be played by Rachel McAdams
Maude Winston Demming should be played by Gwyneth Paltrow
Montserrst Flynn should be played by Charlize Theron
Inez Vega should be played by Catherine Zeta Jones

But that’s just my opinion.

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