Charlie Sheen Wants To Take A Plea

Sources are saying that Charlie Sheen is thisclose to taking a plea bargain in his felony domestic violence case in Aspen.

The only thing standing in the way?

The prosecutors. They don’t seem very eager to make a deal with the incredibly troubled star.

Charlie Sheen and his people say he’s ready to plead no contest to a misdemeanor – as long he doesn’t get any jail time – and that Sheen will agree to probation, as well as take anger management classes.

The actor’s leverage is the victim herself, Charlie Sheen’s wife Brooke Mueller, who was drunk on the morning of the alleged assault, and is currently in rehab; apparently she doesn’t want to testify against him.

Brooke Mueller’s people told TMZ that she “would rather walk on hot coals than testify against Charlie and wants this case to go away, stat.”

But that doesn’t scare the prosecutors. They’re pretty sure they have ample physical evidence to convince a jury that the original allegations Brooke made at the time of the incident were in fact the truth.

Charlie Sheen is set to be arraigned in Aspen this coming Monday.

Starting Tuesday, Sheen will return to the set of his TV show Two and a Half Men – with sober coach in hand – to film the last 4 episodes of the season.


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