Britney Spears’ Second Son Actually Exists!

Finally, the proof I’ve been waiting for. Here is a picture of Jayden James Federline, the second child* born to Britney Spears and Kevin Federline.

Jayden James Federline

In other Britney Spears news….apparently she checked into rehab a few days ago, only to check out 24 hours later.

So does Hollywood have drive-thru rehab now, or what?

*The second born is the true perfectionist. This person attends to details, strives for perfection and reads the fine print. “Good enough” is never good enough…

The second born competes with the first born for parental attention…

The second born chooses areas for perfection. One stands in front of the mirror by the hour to get every facial expression right, get every hair in place and get the head tilted just right. Another must get class assignment done early, get every detail right and make the assignment look perfect. Yet another must dress exactly so. For each of them, other areas of life do not require perfection. The bedroom may be a mess, diet may leave much to be desired and car maintenance neglected…

Because of their perfectionism second borns do well at work that requires precision. They are good at mechanics, construction, accounting, carpentry, writing and other professions allowing for perfection. Everything they do they do well which often enables them to rise to the top of companies. Once at the top their rejection of emotions can destroy employee morale that then hurts the company…

Second borns are drawn to writing. It is a safe, rational way to express emotions. Consequently, many novels are written by second borns. Editors tend to be second borns who help authors perfect their writings by offering correction. Of course, these editors tend to like second born writers.

The Second Born Personality –

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  1. Pearline Johniken Says:

    Please don’t talk to an astrologer Britney! When your relationship is going through problems you ought to go to a marriage councellor.