Accused Killer Melissa Huckaby Tied To Report Of Drugged Child

There’s been an interesting development in the case of Sandra Cantu’s kidnapping and murder in Tracy, CA.

Sandra’s accused killer Melissa Huckaby has been tied to a January report of a 7-year-old girl being taken to a park for 4 hours and returned to her family high on muscle relaxers.

From the Tracy Press:

The incident was reported on January 17 by a family in the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park…

The January report alleges that someone took a 45-pound blue-eyed dark-haired girl to a park. The woman and the child were gone for four hours, from about 1:30 to after 5 p.m., according to the police log. The woman who took the girl drove a purple Kia Sportage, according to the report.

Police towed a purple Kia Sportage registered to Huckaby the day after farmworkers found Sandra’s body inside a suitcase dumped in a dairy lagoon.

The police log also noted an officer said the girl might be with a mobile home park resident’s “granddaughter.” Huckaby until her arrest lived with her grandparents, Clifford Lane and Connie Lawless.

When the woman — apparently Huckaby — returned the girl, the family took her to the hospital. A doctor found benzodiazepines — a muscle relaxant — in the girl’s bloodstream, the police log noted.

Melissa Huckaby is due back in court on April 24th where she will enter a plea – one of not guilty, I’m sure.

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