Jay Leno Is Sick And Michael Jackson Might Be On The Run

I had every intention of doing multiple posts tonight, but my brain seems to have a different plan as it is currently pounding against my skull.

So this is what you’re getting instead.

Jay Leno was hospitalized this morning after falling ill during a meeting before today’s taping of his show. This hospitalization is a little scary because Jay practically never takes a day off or calls in sick; I hope he doesn’t go the way of Bernie Mac. [Celebrity Mound]

Lindsay Lohan was on today’s Ellen Degeneres show and of course the topic of Samantha Ronson came up. She claims the break up came as a total surprise to her and that she’s holding out hope that she and Sam will get back together. [Celebrity Smack]

Michael Jackson’s peeps were waiting for him down the street from Cedars-Sinai Hospital when they allegedly rammed their Escalade into a parked Ambulance and kept on driving. When they reached the hospital doors, Michael jumped in and they drove off. [Allie Is Wired]

Lane Garrison has settled a lawsuit in connection to his fatal car accident. Superior Court papers show that “the parties have reached a settlement of the entire action.” Details of the settlement are not public record. [In Case You Didn’t Know]

Jennifer Hudson might be pregnant. Right now it’s just speculation, but I think it would be wonderful if the rumor actually came true. I’m sure it will be hard for Jennifer to be pregnant without being able to share it with her mother, but she’s strong – as she has clearly shown us the last couple of years. [Yeeeah!]

And last but not least…..

How much marijuana smoke can a firefighter inhale before he’s too stoned to give an interview? Lots and lots apparently.