Berkeley Art Car Parade – Art Car Fest 2009

Ok, so I know I saw these art cars in Berkeley a few weekends ago – but whatever. I’m sharing them with you now so be happy. You’re welcome.

Held on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley – near the UC Berkeley campus – the Berkeley Art Car Fest displayed most of the cars by parking them all in a row down a side street with a few stragglers on Telegraph itself.

It was a really bright and sunny day which was great weather wise, but didn’t make for the best visual conditions where picture taking was concerned. As I moved down the line of cars clicking away I seriously had no idea how the photos would turn out; all I saw on the camera screen was a big fat glare.

But, I am happy and proud to say that I actually did a pretty swell job as photographer. The pictures displayed on this post were all taken by me – some have blurbs about them that I found on the really cool Art Car Central blog, and some do not.

I hope you enjoy the art cars as much as I do. It’s just amazing how creative people can be when given the freedom and the opportunity.

berkeley art car horse

The Fahrvernpüssy Lounge by Tré Taylor
berkeley art car leopard
The Fahrvernpüssy Lounge VW Art Van is the creation of Tré Taylor who is also the amazing vocalist for The Dangerous Martini Quartet. Her VW Art Car is a 1973 type 2 camper van and has a 911 Porsche engine. The Interior, Custom Glass Mosaic Art done by Sherry Tobin and is basically a mobile Cocktail Lounge, with it’s own little wet bar.

berkeley art car bling

berkeley art car tent

berkeley art car in progress

Kinetosis Kar by Glenn Garces
berkeley art car zip tie
Kinetosis Kar is a 2006 Suzuki Aerio SX created by Glenn Garces. Currently, Kinetosis is predominately influenced by the De Stijl art movement. Glenn’s plans for Kinetosis include incorporating design elements from the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods.

berkeley art car graffiti

berkeley art car octopus

berkeley art car cheshiar cat

Honda Element by Philo Northrup
berkeley art car metal element
…ambitions with this ArtCar are formal, not thematic, focusing on design and texture…creating something antique and curvilinear out of a new shoebox…indulging love of oxidation – the patina of decay. Daisy [Singer] is an earthy ArtCar, which fits in nicely with the fiery Truck in Flux, and the aquatic Buick of Unconditional Love. Like the Buick of Unconditional Love and the Truck in Flux, this ArtCar features a living garden on the roof.

The Witchmobile by Rebecca Carthedral
berkeley art car black cat
The Witchmobile is a 1962 Dodge Lancer decorated by Rebecca Caldwell the creator of the Carthedral and David Hilborn. Vexing, hexing, and perplexing from Oakland, California, the Witchmobile was created to bring art and craft (witchcraft!) to the mundane and to honor the creative spirit on the highway of life. The Witchmobile, a work in progress, started in June 2009 and will be at it’s first Art Car Fest this September in the bay area.

berkeley art car caltrans

berkeley art car wings

Vain Van by Emily Duffy
berkeley art car vanity 1
berkeley art car vanity 2
Emily Duffy is the creator of the Vain Van, an art car covered in women’s bras, hair rollers, mirrors, plastic fatty foods on the rear end and the “Four Saints of Beauty” painted on the doors. She also created the Bra Ball and the Mondrian Art Car…created Vain Van as “Penance” for her time in the fashion industry that pushes a distorted view of how women should look. Now she is on a mission to undo the self hatred caused by the fashion industry and help women feel good about themselves through her car.

berkeley art car radio flyer

Caulk It Art Van by Nod Nal-Teews
berkeley art car orange 1
berkeley art car orange 2
Nod D’Nal-Teews from Fort Worth, has been driving his “Caulk-It” van cross country for over 20 years now. His van is a 1979 Dodge Maxivan and matching trailer, dubbed the “Art Ark” with rooftop solar collectors that power appliances within the van, while a trailer serves as his studio. Most people use caulk to seal up cracks in their homes but he used about 300 tubes of the stuff to cover his art car spread with his fingers then painted over. He has also encompassed a variety of items in his design, from broom handles to rain gutters to pie tins.

berkeley art car lady bug

berkeley art car fossil

berkeley art car bible camp

Lego Jeep Art Car by Kevin Mathieu
berkeley art car legos
Legos are for everyone and Kevin Mathieu creator of the Jeep Lego Car has apparently not left his inner child behind. How awesome it is to be able to just pull over any time and play with your Legos.

berkeley art car under the sea

berkeley art car tile

berkeley art car alien

Mercedes Pens by Costas Schuler
berkeley art car markers
Costas Schuler aka The Pen Guy is a graphic designer, artist, motivational speaker comedian, husband and proud father of three beautiful girls. Life has always been interesting but never quite the same ever since he started working on his Mercedes Pens Art Car now covered in 10,000 pens that was inspired from reading a book called “Art Cars” by author Harrod Blank.

berkeley art car fuzzy monster

berkeley art car van

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