Gary Coleman Talks Seizures, Penises, And Marriage, Oh My!

Poor Gary Coleman. Will the guy ever catch a break?

First he’s got the double kidney transplant thing, then he’s got the horrible temper thing and the “I won’t say ‘What you talking about Willis’ ever again” thing.

And now the poor guy’s brain is acting all kookie and giving him seizures. And that’s on top of the New Year’s Day tumble he took down his stairs.

Oh, and we can’t forget about the married for years but still a virgin thing.

Did I miss anything?

Oh yeah ….. the penis body double thing in a straight to DVD movie he was in.

If you ask Gary Coleman, however, Gary Coleman is doing just fine. And he plans on staying that way for years to come.

In a sit-down interview with E! News less than 24 hours after being released from the hospital, Gary Coleman discussed everything from his recent seizure scare to his penis to finally getting along with his wife.

“I had a seizure yesterday, and I’m a little weak on my left side, but I’m perfectly fine.” Coleman says the bump on his head and the cane were actually the result of a tumble at his Utah home on New Year’s Day and not due to yesterday’s episode. “I fell down the stairs—not because of a party—but because I was rushing to open the door for someone. I got a little damaged. And then 20 minutes later I had another seizure. So it looks like my brain’s being rattled inside my head for some reason.”

In Los Angeles to protest a straight-to-DVD film he costarred in called Midgets vs. Mascots, Coleman alleges the filmmakers used a body double for nude scenes in the movie. He says he plans to sue and prevent the moviemakers from selling any more copies of the film.

“I wanted all my fans and all your fans to protest my penis being in the movie, because I didn’t want that. It’s a body double, I believe, because I certainly was not gonna do this. And I heard that the body double is ugly, and is unattractive, and does not make me look good.” …..

….. “My wife and I are getting along great. When you live with someone, and it’s a life-term, lifelong kind of thing, you learn what makes that person tick. So I think I’m doing OK for a newly married husband. It’s a work in progress. I’m not someone that gives up.”

You know, Gary Coleman may have a really odd marriage, but at least he’s trying to keep it intact and not throwing in the towel as soon as things gets hard, like so many other celebrities do.