American Idol Tonight – Season 9 Starts In Boston

Tonight marks the start of the 9th season of ‘American Idol,’ with auditions in Boston, where 9,000 people showed up for their chance to make it to Hollywood; Victoria Beckham was the guest judge.

When all was said and done, 32 people from the Boston auditions made it through to Hollywood.

Here’s a short list, with commentary from Wendy of TV Crunch:

Justin Williams, 27 – Sandy, UT
His story is touching – a cancer survivor who says making it through to Hollywood would mean everything to him. Sang Michael Buble “Feeling Good” and nailed it. He’s through to Hollywood. And he’s cute.

Bosa Mora, 22 – Columbus, OH
His parents are from Nigeria and we get a look at his big family. Ryan rips on Bosa’s mom’s hat. Nice. Simon thought he was boring and Posh wasn’t happy with Simon rolling his eyes.

Leah Laurenti, 22 – Medford, NY
She had a strict upbringing, wants to prove to her parents that she can achieve her goal as a singer. Sang “Blue Skies”… and, wow, she’s spectacular.

Ashley Rodriguez, 21 – Boston, MA
Ashley did an amazing take on an Alicia Keys song and looks to be a top contender for the competition. She gets a yes from all.

Tyler Grady, 19 – Nazareth, PA
Poor Tyler – shattered his wrists after falling out of a tree. He sang “Let’s Get it On” and the judges loved him. YES for Hollywood.

Mike Davis, 18 – Boston, MA
Drives a boat in Boston called “Codzilla”… sang “Yesterday” and was pretty good, plus a likeable person. But the judges seemed split…. nail biter! He gets the yes to Hollywood!

Katie Stevens, 16 – Middlebury, CT
We get a glimpse of Katie’s close relationship to her grandma, who has alzheimers – she so wants to giver her good news about her American Idol audition. Sang “At Last” and is simply amazing. At just 16, folks. Katie gets yes’s all around.

Maddy Curtis, 16 – Bluemont, VA
We get a little back story with Maddie, whose big family includes brothers with down’s syndrome. Maddie sang “Hallelujah” and was a yes through to Hollywood.

VIDEO: Maddy Curtis – Audition – Hallelujah –

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