Pamela Anderson Disgraces Herself And Gary Coleman Throws A Fit. Again.

What, in the name of all things bright and beautiful, is wrong with Pamela Anderson?

Holy. Crapola.

Will someone please tell this sad bag of washed-up sex symbol that her time to shine has long been over and she needs to just retire the trailer park already?

I never though I would say this, but maybe Marilyn Monroe was on to something when she died young – she never had to grow too old to be half naked on the runway. Although, something tells me that had Marilyn lived she would have handled aging much more gracefully than Pamela Anderson is.

And what’s with this Richie Rich fashion designer guy who keeps putting Pam in his fashion shows? Does he enjoy watching her make an ass of herself, or does he genuinely think she’s stylish and hot? If that’s the case, remind me to never buy his clothes – especially if I’m gonna come out looking like a tore back Barbie.

Heidi Montag, behold your future…..

Another celebrity who lacks the ability to act their age is Gray Coleman. I mean, is that guy ever going to get through his throwing tantrums and storming off phase, or what? What is he, like four?

While taping a segment on The Insider on Tuesday, special guest attorney Lisa Bloom asked the aging actor about his domestic violence arrest. She asked him, “Did you abuse her? Did you lay your hands on her? Because she said that you did.”

That’s when Coleman flipped his lid, cussed her out, and stomped out.

He said, “You can go f*** yourself! I don’t know you and I don’t care about you and your life doesn’t matter to me! So if you get hit by a bus tonight, I’m not gonna care.”

Yikes. Little Gary has a big ol’ temper, doesn’t he? Not to mention a huge chip on his shoulder.