Help Fund A San Francisco Rave Documentary by Martin O’Brien and DJ Jeno

Become a part of S.F. Rave History! Martin O’Brien (The Gathering, Freedom) and DJ Jenö (Wicked, Noise From The Void) are making a documentary about the inspirational early days of the Bay Area rave scene and need your help. In order to finish the film they have launched a campaign to raise much needed funds. Every penny counts as they only have 45 days to raise $20,000 and you can really help them reach that goal. Click on the link below to watch a sneak peek and find out how you can join them in making their film a reality. Let your friends and family know through Facebook and Twitter too! Thank you for your support.


San Francisco was the epicenter of the American rave scene and witnessed some legendary events that began in the early ‘90s. These all-night electronic-music dance parties attracted a diverse cross-section of people. Culturally iconic and socially important, the parties became a catalyst in the lives of so many of the people who experienced them.

By weaving together interviews shot at previous locations where these parties took place with archival footage, contemporary B-Roll and time-lapse photography, we are creating a deep and poetic film that examines the do-it-yourself mentality and psychedelic community spirit that the San Francisco Bay Area rave scene epitomized. We believe that the subject matter is as socially and culturally significant today as it was almost 20 years ago, making for a fascinating story that will resonate with a broad global audience.

Whilst there have already been films produced about DJs and rave culture, there has never been a film that has tried to capture the psychedelic, artistic, and communal nature that the full-moon parties sparked during the pioneering days of the San Francisco rave scene. The early ’90s was a magical time of musical creation and renegade promotion that will surely make for an engaging, entertaining, and informative film. Whether you were/are part of the scene or simply reviewing Kickstarter in hopes of finding a project to fund, we hope that you too will be energized and inspired to become part of our film.

Martin O’Brien & DJ Jenö is raising funds for San Francisco Rave Documentary on Kickstarter! A documentary about the early days of the San Francisco rave scene & the powerful influence those times had on countless people’s lives