It’s St. Patrick’s Day 2010 – Time To Drink!!

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us once again.

Time to get your drink on! Here are a couple mouth watering cocktail recipes I found at Drink of The Week to help us get started.

Half & Half (Black & Tan)
1 bottle Harp Ale
1 can or bottle Guinness Stout

Fill a Pint glass 1/2 with Harp. Place a teaspoon on the back of the pint glass and fill the remainder of the glass with Guinness by pouring it slowly over the back of the spoon.

Celtic Mix Cocktail
1 1/2 oz. Scotch
1 oz. Irish whisky
1/2 oz. Lemon juice
Dash of bitters

Combine all the ingredients in a shaker filled with ice, stir well and pour into a martini glass.

get your drink on st. patrick s day 2010
(Round four or five – or six – of drinks from my 2010 St. Patty’s Girls Night)

And now for a little St. Patrick’s Day poetry…..

The Wearin’ O’ the Green

Today is the day fer the wearin’ o’ the green.
Today is the day when the little people are seen.
Today is St. Patrick’s Day, so if ye’r Irish me lad,
Join the celebratin’ fer the grandest time ta’ be had.

Ya’ put yer hand up in the air, the other hand on your hip.
Ya’ tap yer toe, ya’ tap yer heel, ya’ bounce yer knee a wee bit.
Ya’ prance ‘n dance around the room, n’ circle one two three.
The saints be praised, I must admit, ya’ all look Irish ta’ me.

Past St. Patrick’s Days from Hilary Shepherd…..

Corned Beef And Cabbage Recipe – Irish Soda Bread Recipe

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Erin Go Bragh!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Have fun and be safe!!

st patricks day 2010
(Me, after round five or six – or seven – of drinks from my 2010 St. Patty’s Girls Night)