Season 10 Of Dancing With The Stars Has Begun

Season 10 of Dancing with the Stars kicked off Moday night and a good time was had by all.

Lots of things have changed at DWTS since we last season. First off Samantha Harris is no longer the co-host – that title now belongs to Brooke Burke. Brooke, you’ll remember, was the season seven winner of Dancing with the Stars.

The second major change is the new area behind the audience where the stars and pro dancers will answer their post-dance questions from Brooke and wait their turn. Personally, I think this new area is awkward and I think they should go back to the way it was.

Season 10 DWTS Celebrities (in alphabetical order):

Aiden Turner – Soap actor; incredibly good looking
Buzz Aldrin – Astronaut; walked on the moon
Chad Ochocinco – Football star; surprisingly light on his feet
Erin Andrews – Sports reporter; knows we know what she looks like naked
Evan Lysacek – Olympic ice skater; hair looks best slicked back
Jake Pavelka – The most recent Bachelor; better at dancing than choosing a wife
Kate Gosselin – Reality TV personality; has a lot of kids
Nicole Scherzinger – Singer, don’t hate her because she’s beautiful
Niecy Nash – Comedienne; wants to remain thick
Pamela Anderson – Sex symbol; needs to lay off the pre-show champagne
Shannen Doherty – TV Actress; looks really good for her age

First Night Scores:

Nicole & Derek: 25
Evan & Anna: 23
Erin & Maks: 21
Pam & Damien: 21
Jake & Chelsie: 20
Chad & Cheryl: 18
Niecy & Louis: 18
Shannen & Mark: 18
Kate & Tony: 16
Aiden & Edyta: 15
Buzz & Cheryl: 14

It’s still too early to make any predictions about a winner, but based on last night’s dancing, I’m thinking Chad Ochocinco is going to do well, as are Shannen Doherty and Nicole Scherzinger.

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