Devon James Claims Years Long Affair With Tiger Woods

Just when we thought all of the women banging Tiger Woods had come out and sold their stories, another mistress rears her triflin’ head.

Devon James (what’s up with the name ‘James’ lately?) is a porn star who has emerged from the shadows to tell the world that she had an affair with Tiger Woods for over two and a half years.

I’m over the shock of the number of women Tiger was carrying on with, but I’m still a bit surprised by how many of them were in one way or another involved in the adult entertainment business.

In a radio interview, Devon James alleged that Tiger paid her and two women $2,000 each after a brief introduction for what she described as “dirty” sex.

“There was very little talk,” said James, the latest to make Tiger’s list of mistresses during his five-year marriage to former swimsuit model Elin Nordegren.

The porn star said that Woods preferred to be the dominant partner in bed, is well endowed, and claimed his wife and the mother of his kids doesn’t like sex…

After their first threesome, Tiger allegedly gave her his personal number as the tawdry trysts continued through 2008. James says phone records confirm it.

Devon says that in one message, Woods tells her simply, “I want you to be my whore.”


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