Heather Mills Claims No Wrong, Says Nanny Wants Boobs

Heather Mills is a crazy b*tch and now she’s having to defend her ways in a court of law.

Heather’s ex-nanny Sara, who worked for the madwoman between 2004 and 2007, is suing Mills for constructive dismissal and sex discrimination. Heather, of course, says it’s all made up and she was nothing but nice to Sara – even giving her expensive gifts.

The former Mrs. Paul McCartney is taking things one step further and accusing Sara of being motivated by money and the real reason Sara is mad is because Heather refused to pay for Sara’s boob job.

[Heather Mills] told the tribunal in Ashford, Kent: “I treated Sara like my daughter, because she often said her mum was cold and distant. I spent much of my time consoling her especially as she was having relationship problems. “She is very motivated by money, this seems to be her motive in making a claim. “I suspect she became aggrieved because I declined to pay for her breast enlargement surgery.”

Heather also insisted she had been a generous employer, giving Sara £1,500 when money was robbed from her, £500 as a deposit to rent an apartment, £1,000 cash as a Christmas present, and a £5,000 pay rise, as well as baby clothing and accessories. She also told how she had given Sara, 26, her £6.50-an-hour job after taking pity on her when she was working at a health club as a beauty therapist.


Hey, is that Heather Mills or Cruella Deville?

heather mills says she treated ex nanny like daughter
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