Send Lindsay Lohan A Postcard. You Know, ‘Cause She’s Sad And Lonely.

What a lucky day for me!

In a little while I’ll be heading over to the Oakland Coliseum to be an extra in the now filming movie, Moneyball, with Brad Pitt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jonah Hill, and Robin Wright.

On my way, I think I’ll drop a postcard in the mail for Lindsay Lohan. You know how much I miss her. Thanks Azure for the heads up on this one!!

Exclusively from Gawker, comes this elegant postcard, already addressed to the lovely Ms. Lohan, Inmate No. 2409752. Just download, print, and send!

There’s plenty of space for you to include your message to Lindsay. The front of the postcard is blank so you can draw her special picture or write a longer message. It doesn’t really matter – I’m sure she’ll just be happy to be receiving mail!

Sure, you may have already tweeted your feelings, but she can’t get those in the clink, so you’re going to have to write them down on paper. Tell Lindsay you’re rooting for her! Tell her to stay tough! Tell her you can’t wait to see her full-frontal nudity in her next movie! Then all you have to is affix a $.28 stamp and you’re good to go.

Download your very own postcard for Lindsay Lohan from Gawker HERE.

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