Golfer Phil Mickelson Diagnosed With Psoriatic Arthritis – Takes Enbrel

The next time someone looks at me sideways when I mention that my boyfriend who shall (still) remain nameless suffers from Psoriatic Arthritis and takes Enbrel, I’m going to make them read this.

Psoriatic Arthritis hits the body’s immune system, attacking healthy cells and tissue; as a result, sufferers experience painful inflammation of the joints. And trust me when I tell you that it’s great big heaps of no fun!!

Phil Mickelson, who is currently ranked as the #2 PGA golfer in the whole world, has announced that he was recently diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and spent some time at the Mayo Clinic for treatment.

Ironically, he was stricken with the first symptoms shortly after bragging to his wife Amy Mickelson that he has never felt better. He lamented: “I was commenting to Amy the week before the Open, I said, ‘I’ve never felt this good. I have no aches and pains, my back feels great. I feel stronger and more flexible than ever before.’ Four days later, you know, it’s just crazy.”

His current treatment is a shot of Enbrel once a week to prevent his immune system from affecting his joints. He said, “This has put it in remission. I’ll probably take this drug for a year and feel 100 percent. Then I’ll stop it and see if it stays in remission, and it may never come back.”

Another lifestyle change that Phil is trying goes against his affinity for burgers. He has sworn off meat and become a vegetarian. Mickelson said, “I read a book and just thought maybe it would help. And if it helps my situation, I’m all for it.”

Phil, who is competing in the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits this week, expects a full recovery and feels about 90 percent. In his typical upbeat style, he predicts: “Things have been looking great, and long term there shouldn’t be any issues. It’s very treatable, and the medicine I’ve been taking is very helpful.”


I’m glad Phil’s doctors were able to diagnose him and that he’s now being treated for his Psoriatic Arthritis, but there are a couple things Phil said that don’t totally sit right with me.

First of all, Enbrel doesn’t really put Psoriatic Arthritis into remission, it just slows down the degenerative effects of the disease and helps alleviate some of the pain.

Secondly, Phil Mickelson may take Enbrel for a year and feel 100 percent better, but the disease will still be with him. And it will most likely come back.

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