Constance McMillen Bashed Again With Alleged Fake Prom

Here’s some great, wonderful news for a Monday morning. And by great and wonderful I mean deplorable and just plain wrong.

It’s being reported that Constance McMillen – the young girl whose prom was cancelled because she had the gull to want to be herself and bring her girlfriend – is yet again on the losing end of the prom stick.

Apparently after there were threats of legal action, Constance’s Mississippi school announced they would hold a parent-sponsored prom, which Constance and her girlfriend would be able to attend.

But what they didn’t tell Constance and her date, as well as about seven other students, was that the prom they were attending wasn’t actually the “real” prom.

So wrong!!

The prom the school district promised at the country club in Fulton was a ruse. Only seven kids, Constance, and her date showed, and at the same time, everyone else held a “real” prom at a secret location out in the county.

This is all after the school district had represented to Judge Davidson that Constance was invited to a parent-sponsored prom to be held at Tupelo Furniture Market. The school represented that Constance was invited in court filings, testimony, and representations by the school district and its lawyers. In reality, Constance had not been invited, but, based on the representations by the district and its counsel, Judge Davidson denied Constance’s request for a preliminary injunction that she could go to the prom.

The school reneged, or possibly didn’t ever intend to follow through on its representations to the court. The parents didn’t want Constance at the prom and didn’t want to be sued (as they told the Clarion Ledger), and so on Tuesday announced the cancellation of the prom.

But what they’d done was secretly relocated it.


Some folks are saying the rumors of a “real” prom aren’t true because how could that many students keep a secret. But I think it’s possible – they’re obviously blinded by hate – hate that they were keeping secret until a lesbian reared her ugly head and threatened their state of ignorance.

So yeah, they could keep a prom secret if it meant keeping the evil lesbian and her evil gay supporting friends away from their sacred school dance.

This whole thing is just disgusting. What the hell is wrong with people? Seriously.

You know, I used to be proud to be from Mississippi, but now…..not so much.

constance mcmillen fake gay prom
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5 Responses to “Constance McMillen Bashed Again With Alleged Fake Prom”
  1. salman khan Says:

    was it such a big issue :/ i really hate homo- sexuality anyways but its a personal choice 😛

  2. Chrissy Ell Says:

    I think they showed Constance the same contempt she showed them when she decided to turn their beloved end of school prom into a media side show for her gay and lesbian facist friends.

    she could have turned up in a tux with her girlfriend and raised a few eyebrows at most but instead she wanted to ensure it turned into a war zone at the instigation and agitation of activist gays who won’t be happy until the myth of the “normalacy” of homosexuality is rammed down everyones throats.

  3. Alicia Says:

    Wow, that’s awful! I smell a whole new lawsuit coming, complete with emotional damages…

    Also, Chrissy, way to show your ignorance. She just wanted to clear it with the school officials first instead of just showing up, getting kicked out, and embarrassing her and her date. Seems like a school so unaccepting as this would even threaten her with suspension or expulsion.

    By the way, gays and lesbians =/= fascists. Go back to school and shove your blind hatred where the sun don’t shine. 🙂

  4. gaydar Says:

    real lesibains know that this is a fake, publicity seeking hetero.

  5. Dave Says:

    Not all members of the LBTG community are fascists. In fact, most aren’t. Most are regular everyday people. They just try to live their lives and be happy. Most recognize the prom for what it is, a social situation. Some still go to the prom with a boy who just happens to be a friend that they enjoy being around.

    Yet there are still some who not only insist that they be recognized, but recognized as something that’s divisive in their community. It could be (as gaydar suggests) that she’s really a heterosexual young woman who wants attention.

    The way I see it, they should stop trying to ram their orientation down everyone else’s throat.