Natalie Cole Gets New Kidney, Loses Sister During Surgery

Natalie Cole has suffered from Hepatitis C for a long time and in recent years the disease has progressed to the point where Natalie needed a kidney transplant.

Last week a 22-year-old patient died, providing a new kidney for Natalie. Joyous news, one would think. But as Natalie Cole learned of her waiting kidney, she was at the hospital with her dying sister.

Carole “Cookie” Cole hadn’t been to a doctor in 30 years. Less than a month ago she finally saw a doctor, and they found a cancerous spot on her lung. “They had wanted to start chemo right away, but Cookie said no,” Natalie Cole’s younger sister, Timolin Cole told the New York Post last Thursday.

“Natalie was there with her at her bedside at 4 in the morning on Monday, and she got a phone call from her doctors that a kidney was ready for her,” Timolin said.

“She said, ‘What do you mean? I can’t deal with that right now! I’m here with my dying sister!’ And they said to her, ‘No, ma’am. We’ve got to do it now. You’ve got to be at Cedars-Sinai in two hours.’”

Timolin urged Natalie: “This is God’s gift, and you’ve got to go now. Cookie would want this for you.’”

Cole finally agreed and rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. for the surgery, which was a success. She’s expected to go home this weekend, and will recover over the next three to four months.

“She’s doing well, and she’s going to party like a rock star in no time,” Timolin said.

natalie cole has kidney transplant
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